The Nightlight Series: Beauty, part 1

by ThoughtEncoder

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being me. I’m sorry for acting that way. I’m sorry for being physically unattractive. I’m sorry because the truth is, it hurts. It hurts to see society treat you like you are someone impaired just because you are not beautiful. It hurts to see that disgusted look on your crush’s face saying that they don’t like you because you’re ugly. It hurts even more once you hear him say it. It hurts seeing all your friends have someone court them and you stand in the corner, because getting close with them will earn you a label of a 3rd wheeler. It hurts when people choose a prettier friend of yours rather than you even if you are obviously better qualified for the job just because they dress better. They’re slimmer. They’re sexier. They have something you don’t have (which apparently is the unspoken requirement of practically living in this world), they have the looks.

Screw those people who give you bullshit comments such as “it’s what inside that matters”. Ask them to choose between two people and they will most likely pick the prettier one. I call bullshit on the guys who say that looks don’t matter. Since when did it not matter? It always mattered. In your friend choice, in who you wanted to get along with at work, in the most simple ways.

Looks matter so much. It matters so much that to be ugly is a disease.

I’m sorry that I’m not pretty enough to meet your standards. I’m sorry to bother you with my emotions. The one getting hurt in the end is me, so I’m guessing that’s fine with you.

You see people are selfish. They are not concerned about you, they are concerned about themselves. They’ll tell you you’re pretty so that you can shut up because they’re already annoyed.

How funny the society is. The constant struggle to do good, to be good, and to look good.

How funny it is that we must please people in order to succeed in life. The challenges of being at a disadvantage when it comes to looks. Because you know what? Not being pretty enough is a constant struggle, it’s a cause of depression, it’s a serious issue that no one is taking seriously. At the end of the day, if you’re ugly, no one cares about what you freaking think, do, or even your existence.

It’s the ugly truth. Goodnight.