by ThoughtEncoder

Life 1

It was homeroom. The class was asked “if you were able to give something that is not concrete e. g. love, what would it be?” We could give to more than one person, and since we were to graduate in a few weeks, everyone wrote one for each person in the room. I received a lot of similar and usual words…words that I could not even remember, nor keep four years after our class did this activity. Those words were too obvious. Too vague that it was obvious no thought of the person was done while writing it down. Except for one, that is, and it came from the most unexpected person. To be specific, she was the most popular kid in the entire school, she was the beauty queen, she wasn’t even part of any of my circle of friends, and yet I felt like she meant each word that she was giving out to each member in the class.

She gifted me with confidence, and that was what I really needed.

Four years after our class had this activity, I reflected back on the years between that and today, and true enough, I realized, that she did gift me with confidence.

I couldn’t remember anymore if I said thank you to her. But looking back at it now, a big “Thank you.” probably wouldn’t be enough.