The Nightlight

Thoughts before bed

Month: June, 2016

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“This is a quaint town, my Lady.” the shoes said.

They traveled far. Far enough that at long last they have reached beyond the borders of the only town Her Lady knows.

“It is.” Her Lady replied.

“Quite a refreshing view compared to the one you had on your balcony.” the old and worn out shoes continued to say.

“Indeed.” said Her Lady and continued to stare out.

She had been quiet for a while, so the shoes decided to speak up. “Is anything the matter?” he asked.

Her Lady smiled, thoughts and memories clouding up in her mind, “Nothing.” she began to say. “It is just that I never thought that I would be able to come this far.”


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“Comfortable choice of footwear, my Lady.” the shoes said as he was being carried by Her Lady.

It was summer and the weather could not be hotter. Her Lady dressed in the best summer clothes that she had brought along with her.

“Although I do say that I am better.” the shoes continued.

“Oh hush.” she said. “You are different, there is no reason to compare.”