The Nightlight

Thoughts before bed

Month: October, 2016



“It has been a while, my Lady.” the shoes said. “I have not seen the outside since months ago.”

“I have been too pre-occupied, you know that.” she replied.

Her Lady kept her head high. She was out of the mansion once again, but this time she was not free. There was an important task at hand and it could mean disaster if she would run away again.

“You have yet to stretch your limits.” the shoes reminded her.

“I know.” she replied, looking up at the trees that were so alive as they blocked the view of the afternoon sun. “Just stay by me, then I’ll be alright. I promise.”




Her Lady kept traveling until they reached a rather more developed town. It was much more noisier than home, and quite a big difference compared to the other town they were previously in. There were dozens of tall buildings solely dedicated for business use, streets that always seemed to never be out of cars and people, everyone was rushing here and there.

“It has occurred to me, my Lady, if you don’t mind me saying,” started the shoes, “That you do not wish to settle at all.” They then stopped for a quick rest under a roof.

“If I had wished to settle, then I would have never left home.” Her Lady replied. “But I left. Because I am tired of being contented. I wanted to grow. How can I inspire people if I keep myself locked inside the whole day?”



“Amusing.” said the old and worn out shoes. “Although I have observed that people here do prefer to not eat vegetables at all.”

Her Lady giggled. “Perhaps we encountered the wrong crowd.” she said.

They have walked up to the other end of the new town, and Her Lady did not look like she was pleased with it.

“I have noticed that you have kept a straight face throughout our journey here, my Lady.” the shoes said.

The comment made Her Lady self-conscious. She did not mean for her feelings to be that obvious.

“I understand that to be a properly lady, one must always look pleased with whatever she is presented with, but as a normal human being I personally find that hard to do right now.”