The Nightlight

Thoughts before bed

Month: November, 2016


“As I’ve always said My Lady,” The Shoes said. “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Her Lady laughed. “You say that to me a million times a day.” she said. “Which is exactly why I’m the person I am now.”

There was a pause. Her Lady could tell that The Shoes genuinely cared for her, quite a silly thing to say but it was the truth nonetheless.

“Because I do not want you to live a life with regrets, with what ifs.” The Shoes said. “That is the most miserable thing in the world.”



“I do not think that running away-again-is a good idea, my Lady.” the shoes said.

“We’re not running away.” Her Lady replied quickly, defending her decision. She looked out the window, taking in the small scene of the blue, green, and gray beautifully put together. It has been some time since she has last seen the city. She also never imagined that it was possible to see even grass in the urban area. Madame always said that it was not possible, that the city is a dirty place, with no hint of nature. Her Lady now knew how wrong she was.

“You are expected by the nobles next week.” the shoes continued to say, “it is only necessary that you prepare.”

“And I have.” she snapped. “For the past two months since I was taken back to the mansion.”

The shoes knew that it was time to stop pressing. Irritating her would only make her go further from the mansion, and as much as the shoes wanted her to be away from the poison that she had no choice but to call her home, going away at this time would simply mean trouble. “We’re simply taking a breather.” she said and proceeded to take a nap.